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Louis Neglia Kickboxing Events
Louis Neglia Kickboxing Events
Louis Neglia Kickboxing Events - Ring Of CombatLouis Neglia Kickboxing EventsLouis Neglia Kickboxing Events

About World Champion Kickboxer and Kickboxing Promoter, Louis Neglia

Louis Neglia is a three-time world kickboxing champion, and has performed in some of the largest arenas in the world. In 1984, he was named "Fighter of the Year," inducted into the Karate Hall of Fame, and was the choice of Everlast to officially endorse their product line.

Louis Neglia is the Number One Kickboxing Promoter in the USA.

Louis Neglia has held Martial Arts Kickboxing events at the Taj Mahal, Caesers Palace, and the
Tropicana in Atlantic City, The Mariott International, Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, The Meadowlands Civic Center (NJ), The Vanderbuilt (NY), Crown Plaza Hotel, The Capitale (NYC), Mohegan Sun Casino (CT), Copacabana (NYC), The Hilton Hotels, WWF New York and many venues throughout the United States.

Louis Neglia events have been televised on the Madison Square Garden Cable Network, Telemundo, Sports Channel, ESPN2, and Pay Per View. The popularity of the Martial Arts is world-wide and the sport of kickboxing is particularly favorable among both male and female, demographic ages 18-45.

Kickboxing Demographics

General Demographics: Kickboxing popularity has poured onto the general masses with exceptional strength in the male/female audience 18-45 age group. Current events attract a comparable amount of male and female spectators.

Female Audience:
Women are presently making up forty percent of the spectators at kickboxing full contact sports. Kickboxing has become a popular sports trend, a means of self defense and is great for body conditioning and exercise workout.

Household Incomes:
Forty one percent of all kickboxing viewing households show an
income in excess of $50,000 per year, making kickboxing spectators some of the most affluent of all sports enthusiasts.

Past Events: Recent martial arts events have attracted entertainment and sports celebrities such as Joe Frazier, Felix Trinidad, Donald Trump, Cindy Crawford, Vin Diesel, Carmen Electra, Emile Griffith, Magic Johnson, James Caan, Pat Cooper and a host of others.

Brooklyn Martial Arts King in Hall of Fame

World Kickboxing Champion and former fighter of the year Louis Neglia has received countless awards throughout the years. He has been honered by both the Mayor and Governer of New York, and has also been recognized as the "number one promoter in Kickboxing."
Louis Neglia now has to make room on his mantel. He was recently inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

"The martial arts is not what I do, but what I am," commented Neglia. He also continued in saying that "I love the martial arts... it made my life what it is mentally, physically and I will continue teaching it at my academy in Brooklyn and I'm extremely proud that because of my training, my students have become champions in life and battle."

The induction ceremony and celebration was held at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino's Grand Ballroom in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Complete with food and entertainment, the event was sponsered by Martial Arts Magazine Editors Alan Goldberg and Al Sussman.

Television and movie star Joe Piscopo was on hand to MC the evening and to help celebrate a lifetime of dedication and achievement by Louis Neglia.

World Champion Kickboxing Promoter Louis Neglia
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